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Licensed Medicare Broker

We help our clients find the Medicare coverage option that's right for them. We work with all major carriers to get our clients the best rates possible.

Professional Agents

Our team of professional and compassionate agents are ready to help. Each client can expect to be treated equally and with regard to their individual needs.

Personal Service

Going through all your Medicare options can be confusing. We make the entire process easy and stress free so our clients can have confidence and peace of mind.


We Make the Process of Navigating and Enrolling Medicare Options Easy and Efficient

We are a group of local, independent Medicare agents. We formed our agency in 2014 with a dedication to making sure our clients were fully educated on the plans available to them. After helping thousands of clients, we have never been more motivated than we are now to helping seniors get more benefits than they even knew were possible. 


We Ensure Professional Insurance Services

Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage plans are available to keep you in good health no matter what life throws at you.

Medicare Supplements

If your Medicare plan isn't providing you with all the coverage you need, Medicare Supplements are available to fill in the gaps.

Prescription Drug Coverage

Prescription drug coverage plans help keep your lifesaving medications affordable so you won't have to worry about prescription drug access.

Dental, Vision, Hearing

Protect your whole self with dental, vision, and hearing plans that provide essential additional coverage .

Hospital Indemnity

Don't let the potential cost of a hospital stay keep you from seeking the care you need. Get coverage on additional hospital expenses.

Final Expense

Final expense insurance offers peace of mind for end of life and funeral expenses, as well as lingering medical bills.

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Our team of experienced, qualified agents are here to help you get the coverage that’s right for you, no matter what your individual needs may be.

John Wik

Medicare Agent


How it Works

We understand that the world of insurance can be overwhelming and confusing. We walk you through the process step by step to ensure that you understand the plans available to you and are able to choose the coverage option that best fits your needs.

Select Your Agent

Choose from any of our qualified Medicare insurance agents to help you get coverage to prepare you for whatever life may send your way.

Contact Agent

Reach out to us to set up an appointment to work with your agent. Once you've gotten the ball rolling and made your appointment, your agent can prepare to meet with you and discuss your needs.

Choose Insurance

Your agent will work with you to determine which plan or plans meet your needs at the best rate possible. They will then be able to go through the process of getting you insured once you've chosen your plan.


Satisfied Clients

When I turned 65, it seemed like every company wanted to sell me something. I decided to go to Senior Source, and they explained my options and let me decide. I'm happy to recommend Senior Source to my friends.

Jack R Corydon, IN

Matt helped me save $60/month for the same coverage I already had!

Marcia H Sellersburg, IN

Any time I have a question, I know I can call my Senior Source agent and he will help me. He even helped me find some extra benefits that I didn't know my plan offered.

Darrell R Louisville, KY

I was so confused coming onto Medicare. I was surprised to learn that Alan at Senior Source represented so many different companies. He saved me from paying too much for my supplement, and even helped me get a medication I wasn't going to be able to afford at no cost to me. I'm so happy I let Alan help me with this process.

Ricky D New Albany, IN

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